Study of breaking waves

This study of breaking waves is based on a photo I took on the Mendocino coast a couple years back.

Searching for Sebald (trade edition)

Searching for Sebald (trade edition): $30.00    BUY NOW Searching for Sebald: Photography After W.G. Sebald is an anthology

out with the filler pix

For the last decade or so, has been one of my semi-regular news sources, largely because I am a fan of Dahlia Lithwi

Descriptious #1

Descriptious #1: softcover, 20 pp, $25   I recently designed a book for my friend, the writer Ruth Coppens. It’s a

Silver sand wallpaper

Here is another free wallpaper for computer desktops. Like the last one I posted, it’s from the Long Beach shoreline. It

Beach pebbles wallpaper

I often use my own photos as desktop images, but I’ve downloaded enough free images from the web over the years that I t

artistic license

The Institute of Cultural Inquiry—of which I am a longtime Associate—has put up a page of photographs taken ‘in the

The Photographer’s Handbook 1

I’ve recently been rephotographing some of my older work, especially pieces that were made abroad or during times of tra

Ghost Galleries

“Ghost Galleries” is an ongoing and recent series of speculative photographs of gallery and museum spaces in which

“Western Waters” panoramas

I’ve just added two new open-edition prints to the site. Blythe irrigation canal is a panorama created from a series of

Blythe irrigation canal

Blythe irrigation canal, 2009, 5×19″ open-edition digital print on archival paper, signed by the artist: $175 Please in

Blythe canal diptych

Blythe canal diptych, 2009, 13×19″ open-edition digital print on archival paper, signed by the artist: $150 This diptyc

idea #3775: photoelimination software

Years ago, when I was taking a photography class, I dreamed about a world in which taking a photograph actually ‘took

Searching for Sebald (special editions)

In addition to the trade edition, three unique special editions of Searching for Sebald were produced by the Institute of Cult