about my store
All my prints are giclée prints on heavy, archival paper stocks with archival inks for maximum quality and longevity. They are individually printed, with the subtlest of differences, so that each print is actually one of a kind.

The editions are all open—that is, unlimited—because I see no reason to participate in a marketplace of artificial scarcity. However, each print is approved and signed by me. A few things on this site are offered in numbered editions.

Be bold: give real art as a present

And I don’t mean just mine—there’s really good art available on the net, and I don’t just mean vintage work). There is also a lot of very generic work out there.  I’ll be including some sites in my links where you can find more idiosyncratic work.

Look at it this way: if you give someone real art, the worst case is that they’ll hate it—but that could be true of any other present as well including what you think of as a gorgeous sweater. At best, you could open a door to mystery, inspiration, reflection—and that doesn’t happen with most other kinds of presents. And no one should live an entire life with nothing but music posters and Impressionist reproductions on their walls.