World of World (artist’s book)

Left: World of World (paperback); open edition, 20 pages, 8 x10 inches: $50 Right: World of World (hardback); signed, numbered

Noxiterra (large prints)

I created these prints beginning in 2008, as part of a project I did experimenting with the use of webcams for a kind of live

Noxiterra (small prints)

All of the above are 11 x 8.5″ open-edition digital prints on smooth matte-finish fine art paper, signed by the artist. Thes

World of World (small)

  “World of World: The Adventures of Malbec and Player”: the full print, 10×40″, on a single piece

earth boxes

In writing about my current recent installation at the Institute of Cultural Inquiry in Los Angeles, Evidence of Evidence, I d

World of World (large)

12 ft x 2 ft, archival print face-mounted to plexiglass in four contiguous sections. Edition of 10 signed and numbered by the

World of World (A)

World of World (A):  16 x 20″, on archival paper stock: $175 This is the lefthand of the four panels that make up the f

AIDS Bottle Project

The AIDS Bottle Project is a long-running project of the Institute of Cultural Inquiry in Los Angeles. Each bottle is etched w

an open letter to the definite article

Dear The: We’ve been friendly for a long time, through thick and thin: from little phrases like the one I’m writin

out with the filler pix

For the last decade or so, has been one of my semi-regular news sources, largely because I am a fan of Dahlia Lithwi

more uncanny valleys

Posted a brief item about the uncanny valley as an extensible trope over at Difference Engines.

reverting to old theme

I’ve had to revert this site to an older version of the WPFolio theme I’m using because the newer version has some

two sharks

Open-edition digital print on matte-finish fine art paper, signed by the artist. LARGE: two sharks: 19 x 13″, $185 SMALL

World of World, softcover edition

Recently I created a softcover edition of my World of World book. Check out this page for details and price.

two masks

coffee passion

Found in the Pratt Institute Monthly from the year 1898-99: “The tea and coffee habit is very strong with our small chil

labyrinths 2

Labyrinths 2 24 x 24″ open-edition digital print on archival paper, signed and numbered by the artist: $475 12 x 12̸

Descriptious #1

Descriptious #1: softcover, 20 pp, $25   I recently designed a book for my friend, the writer Ruth Coppens. It’s a

spring follows rain

It’s been raining in southern California this week and in some lull between the downpours, winter turned unmistakably to

Chandler takes on the Oscars

It’s hard to escape the Oscars, even when one isn’t interested in them, but at least this year I stumbled across R

mnemonic device

easier shopping

Recently I did a site update — theme revisions, link fixes — in the course of which I added a “checkout” link


For a couple of days I’ve been reading about a Silicon Valley rich person’s hilarious plan to break California int

L.A. Art Book Fair

The Los Angeles Art Book Fair just opened; at left is a snapshot of the ICI Press booth. I’ve worked on about half the p