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Some time ago I wrote a post about recycling one’s old artworks, and also about using recycled materials for art. Since then I’ve been finding (and been given) more sources of recycled art materials for artists— there are quite a lot of them now, and the number keeps growing. So I decided to start a separate post listing these sources as a public service. Please drop me a line or a comment if you know of one that isn’t on this list yet and I’ll add it.

I’ve put sites that primarily recycle materials from construction sites (e.g. doors, windows, bathtubs, ironwork) below those that recycle more traditional artist’s materials—but it’s a loose distinction at best. Also, I haven’t listed most of the nonprofits that are solely involved with recycling material for K-12 education; check this site for a longer list of those sources. Check out the websites below for kinds of materials available, as well as hours, location, and policies.

East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, Oakland, CA

Long Beach Depot for Creative Reuse, Long Beach, CA

SCRAP, San Francisco, CA

Art from Scrap, Santa Barbara, CA

SCRAP, Eugene, OR

Arts & Scraps, Detroit, MI (mainly for art education)

Materials for the Arts, New York, NY (mainly for art education)

Urban Ore, Berkely, CA

Second Chance, Baltimore, MD

Hudson Valley Materials Exchange, New Paltz, NY

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  1. Jeeter

    Hey, this is great stuff. Keep adding. I see stuff like this here and there, the links are always half expired and I forget to bookmark them anyways.