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When you click on the ‘add to cart’ button, the item you chose will be added to your shopping cart, and you’ll be taken to that page. If want to continue shopping, you won’t lose the items in your cart; and you can get back to your cart at any time through the ‘checkout’ link in the menu.  The actual payment process only starts when you click on the ‘Check out with PayPal’ button on the checkout page.

Currently I only accept payments through PayPal. (You don’t have to have a Paypal account to pay me with the “Check out with PayPal” order button—the process allows you to use a credit card instead.) I don’t collect your financial information, and the necessary but limited information I do collect in the course of fulfilling your order stays private with me. I will never sell it, and I will only use it for my mailing lists with your explicit permission. But since I hate mailing lists, even that probably won’t happen.

I do not currently accept orders that require international shipping unless I know you personally.  All such orders will be immediately refunded.

packing, shipping & tracking
All prints are shipped unframed and unmatted to reduce your shipping costs and to leave you the fun of framing them to your own taste. Unless otherwise specified, there is a minimum 1 inch margin on all sides of each image to facilitate matting and framing. I use shipping tubes for the larger works, and the prints should be removed from these tubes as soon as possible so they don’t pick up a permanent curl. Prints are packed between sheets of acid-free paper for further protection.

The shipping cost varies according to the size and weight of the object being shipped and the number of items in an order. You will see the shipping charge on the checkout page. I insure all shipments, and I ship by a method that allows for tracking all the way to destination.

sales tax
Sales tax is included in the listed price.

The bottom line is this: everything here is priced as low as it reasonably can be, given what it takes to create and produce these prints for you. In a perfect world, I’d give my work away. Send me a million dollars, and I’ll do just that :)

where’s my order?
Good question—even with package tracking, things can go wrong in shipping. Email us ( and we’ll check on your order right away.

returns & exchanges
If your order arrives damaged, we will promptly replace it or refund your money, whichever you prefer, when you return the damaged item. If you are not satisfied for any other reason, you may return your order for a full refund as long it is undamaged and unaltered. You must pay the return cost of shipping unless you contact us first. All returns and exchanges must be initiated within 30 days of purchase. Before returning any item, please email us ( with the reason for your return as this will help expedite the process.

I recommend protecting your prints with UV-blocking glass for protection from fading. In addition, it is always best not to hang artworks where they will get a lot of bright sunlight. But really, art is all about enjoyment, and it’s better to have the work on your walls than to spend years waiting to organize the perfect frame. Buy a simple frame, borrow a frame from your sister, have your print dry mounted—do whatever it takes to get it out of that shipping tube and onto the wall.

It can be a good idea to frame gift prints before giving them because framing can seem like a chore to some people and may take away from the pleasure of the gift. A narrow metal frame in silvery tones will complement most work and harmonize with almost any interior. Borderless framing is another option, although it may not protect the artwork as well over the long run. When choosing a matte, the safest course is to match the white of the paper stock or use a shade of  gray.

Occasionally I’ll post a giveaway project to this site as a free high-rez file. These there are for you to grab and print  yourself for any purpose you like— a postcard, a gift—in line with the licensing guidelines listed below.

copyright & left
All the works I post on this site, including digital images, texts, files, and the purchasable prints themselves, are licensed under a Creative Commons “Attribution-Noncommercial-Share-Alike” license. Basically this means that you are welcome to use and make derivatives of the work for any noncommercial purpose as long as you clearly attribute my contribution and, if you distribute the resulting work, you must share it under similar terms. You are also, of course, free to make use of the work for commercial purposes if it falls under the fair use provisions of copyright law. And if you want to use my work commercially in any other way, please contact me.

About thumbnails: I hope you know that you can link to any image or page on the internet, despite what some troglodytes say. But my own experience of the net is that the links one loves have a tendency to die (or move, which amounts to the same thing). So if you want to use any of my low-rez images on your own website, feel free to grab them instead of (or in addition to) linking.

Please contact us right away if there are any problems with your order:

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