Speculative Pentimenti

Speculative Pentimenti: $40.00 BUY NOW         Speculative Pentimenti: Painting in the Age of Endarkenment

Winter light cards

Winter light cards, 4.25 x 4.25 inches, 12 to a box plus white envelopes: $15 A box of all-occasion cards celebrating winter l

Silver sand wallpaper

Here is another free wallpaper for computer desktops. Like the last one I posted, it’s from the Long Beach shoreline. It

e-book meets artist’s book

One of my purposes with this blog is to promote DIY-oriented websites that enable people to create and acquire art at less-tha

Beach pebbles wallpaper

I often use my own photos as desktop images, but I’ve downloaded enough free images from the web over the years that I t


I’m a member of  FemTechnet, a loose network of women involved professionally with technology, feminism, science studie

hammer and anvil, miniaturized

One of our early discussions on “Far-Flung follows function” has been how to make and hang a 9×12-foot projec

beginning with a playground

We are now one week into our residency on my fall project, the new performance work “Far-Flung follows function.”

beach glass

One of the enduring pleasures of walking seaside is picking up beach glass. When I was little, we had a strict hierarchy of co

artist with 4 hands

I recently spent a few days in the Bay Area Studio of my friend the artist Christel Dillbohner playing around with wet media.

made in Sri Lanka

A friend gave me this beautiful envelope from Sri Lanka. Like one I got awhile back from China, it’s a gorgeous assembla

revisiting Encyclopedia Britannica

Somewhere along the line I acquired a copy of the 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. It’s not in very good shape,

war and peace

I come from a family that doesn’t talk a lot about the military or military service, and it doesn’t have many care

somewhere else

Back in December, I went to New York to visit my friend Beatriz da Costa. Walking from the Metropolitan Museum back downtown t

what’s wrong with you?

A while back, after updating Skype, I discovered that I would now be greeted each time I logged in with the following extremel


It’s been over a year since I last posted on this blog, and some of you have been kind enough to ask where the hell have