earth boxes

In writing about my current recent installation at the Institute of Cultural Inquiry in Los Angeles, Evidence of Evidence, I d

when crude tools are just what you need

As I wrote about a week ago, I’m in the midst of working on a new performance project, Galileo in America. We’re n

a card for the solstice

Most years I make either a solstice or a new year’s card to celebrate the return of the light– I really hate the short

Galileo in America 2012

I’ve just launched a fund-raising campaing on IndieGoGo for my upcoming performance project in February-March. Check it

a miniaturist’s press

I recently stumbled on the website of Bo Press Miniature Books, which is difficult to describe without resorting to very bad p

a salute to the anti-wizards

Steve Jobs died yesterday. Many people owe him a lot, but I probably owe him more than most. I belong to the transitional gene

virtual performance diagram

A mandala… of sorts.

9/11 + 10

Like nearly every American alive at the time, I remember vividly the moment I first heard about the attacks of 9/11 2001. It&#

neurology meets sumi-e

Over on the blog Bioephemera, I came across the elegant sumi-e style paintings of neurons by University of Pennsylvania doctor

portrait of the artist as a young girl

Not long ago I was rummaging through some albums in search of a photograph that I didn’t, in the end, find. Instead I ca

artistic license

The Institute of Cultural Inquiry—of which I am a longtime Associate—has put up a page of photographs taken ‘in the

of pussycats and parrots

When I was growing up, my mother would often read poetry to us at dinner. Among the favorites we’d demand over and over

wallpapers then and now

I recently came across a stash of photos I took awhile back when I was in Baltimore working on a new performance piece at the

i heart my chains

Earlier this month, I wrote a post about the “Chain Letter” show at Shoshana Wayne Gallery, which I criticized on

first anniversary

This blog is now a year old. When I started it last summer, I wasn’t sure I’d make it this far. But now that I hav

The Oeuvre of Salvador Dali Reduced to a Reasonable Size

I made the book that bears this title in an attempt to cope with the extreme disparity between works of interest by Salvador D

rattling the chains

Earlier this summer I received an email from a friend inviting me to take part in an exhibition entitled “Chain Letter&#


Chain Email Exhibition Invitations 06-09-2011. The IC3 continues to receive reports of emails being sent out with the intent o

The Photographer’s Handbook 1

I’ve recently been rephotographing some of my older work, especially pieces that were made abroad or during times of tra

every sperm is sacred

Every field has its secret lore retailed in the form of unverifiable stories. A generation or so ago, any budding artist soone

cubes and boxes

I recently traveled through Chicago and stopped in at the Art Institute for a few hours. While there I revisited their extensi

apotheosis of pink

When I started a garden in southern California a few years back, my first instinct was to fill it with all the nostalgia plant

starry night

I recently unearthed this watercolor in my archives and was instantly sent back to its moment of origin. Some years ago I was

duct-taping an archive

I’ve written here before about the theme for this blog, WPfolio, which was designed especially for artist portfolios and