Earth Box 1, ca. 2000, open flat

earth boxes

scale model with projections

when crude tools are just what you need

Solstice 2011 card

a card for the solstice

Galileo in America, 2012

Galileo in America 2012

Bo Press's commedia dell'arte miniature book

a miniaturist’s press

Steve Jobs

a salute to the anti-wizards

virtual performance diagram

virtual performance diagram

Seek Justice, 2001

9/11 + 10

UCSD Gold and Black Purkinjes

neurology meets sumi-e

portrait of the artist

portrait of the artist as a young girl

Limited Artistic License, 1990

artistic license

Edward Lear, Blue and Yellow Macaw

of pussycats and parrots

green windows

wallpapers then and now

i heart my chains

word cloud, genreated July 2011

first anniversary

The Oeuvre of Salvador Dali Reduced to a Reasonable Size, ca. 1993

The Oeuvre of Salvador Dali Reduced to a Reasonable Size

Scamwatch, 2011

rattling the chains

Scamwatch, 2011


"The Photographer's Handbook 1"

The Photographer’s Handbook 1


every sperm is sacred

Joseph Cornell, "Taglioni's Jewel Casket", 1940

cubes and boxes

pink cactus blossom

apotheosis of pink

Starry Night 1980

starry night


duct-taping an archive