Searching for Sebald (trade edition)

Searching for Sebald (trade edition): $30.00    BUY NOW Searching for Sebald: Photography After W.G. Sebald is an anthology

World of World (artist’s book)

Left: World of World (paperback); open edition, 20 pages, 8 x10 inches: $50 Right: World of World (hardback); signed, numbered

Noxiterra (large prints)

All of the above are 13 x 19″ open-edition digital prints on smooth matte-finish fine art paper, signed by the artist. I cre

Noxiterra (small prints)

All of the above are 11 x 8.5″ open-edition digital prints on smooth matte-finish fine art paper, signed by the artist. Thes

World of World (small)

  “World of World: The Adventures of Malbec and Player”: the full print, 10×40″, on a single piece

World of World (large)

12 ft x 2 ft, archival print face-mounted to plexiglass in four contiguous sections. Edition of 10 signed and numbered by the

a card for the new year: 2011

Most years I make a card celebrating the return of lengthening days at the solstice and the promise of spring implicit in a ne

recycled art materials

Some time ago I wrote a post about recycling one’s old artworks, and also about using recycled materials for art. Since


Art often feels like a chronic disease—something you catch young and then spend the rest of your life managing so that it do

the worker’s fondness for her tools

I’ve worked with many artist’s tools over the years: cameras and paintbrushes, pencils, stencils, and matte knives

Billy Ruane: the heart of art

An old friend of mine died recently. I lost touch with him years ago, but he was one of those people who stay vividly and fond

The Beholder

There are now, 15 years into the world-wide web, quite a lot of online art marketplaces. Many of these—from imagekind.com to


I’ve destroyed, sold, or given away a lot of my work over the years. One thing I’ve done rarely, though, is lose o


Omphalos began as an informal installation that I made using recycled rock salt, once among the most valuable substances in th

a very bad moment

Each stage of becoming an artist seems to have its canonical bad moment: the first bad review, for instance, usually lands fai

Joe Frank online

I was happy to learn recently that one of the strangest and funniest people ever to appear on NPR has his own website with an

found art

I was talking to a friend the other day about the degree to which expectations rule what can be ‘seen’, and I was


One of the reasons I started this blog was to champion alternative ways of making and selling strong art apart from the tradit

“Western Waters” panoramas

I’ve just added two new open-edition prints to the site. Blythe irrigation canal is a panorama created from a series of

Blythe irrigation canal

Blythe irrigation canal, 2009, 5×19″ open-edition digital print on archival paper, signed by the artist: $175 Please in

Blythe canal diptych

Blythe canal diptych, 2009, 13×19″ open-edition digital print on archival paper, signed by the artist: $150 This diptyc

list of lists

  Even as a novice blogger, I’m aware that I’m expected to make lists. The more the better. I admit that I

an ecology of art

Update: I’ve started a separate post on sources of recycled materials since the list under point #1 below starting getti

obscure technologies

One of the things I most enjoy about reading memoirs and contemporary accounts of times long past is the way they tend to thro