Searching for Sebald: Photography after W.G. Sebald

Searching for Sebald (trade edition)

WOW softcover

World of World (artist’s book)

Noxiterra 3.0 (print)

Noxiterra (large prints)

Noxterra 1: red flowers

Noxiterra (small prints)

World of World (panel A)

World of World (small)

World of World (panel A)

World of World (large)

Fiery cross

a card for the new year: 2011

recycled art materials


Argus C3

the worker’s fondness for her tools

Billy Ruane. Photo by Wayne Viens

Billy Ruane: the heart of art

The Beholder

Box with 7 titles




a very bad moment

Joe Frank online

George Herms sculpture

found art

The Ansel Adams card by Mike Mandel


detail of Blythe irrigation canal, 2009

“Western Waters” panoramas

Blythe canal diptych, 2009

Blythe irrigation canal

Blythe canal diptych

page from Rabelais' "Gargantua"

list of lists

an ecology of art

interior of a loft

obscure technologies