World of World (artist’s book)

WOW softcoverWorld of World (hardback)

Left: World of World (paperback); open edition, 20 pages, 8 x10 inches: $50

Right: World of World (hardback); signed, numbered edition of 10 on satin paper with a black linen hardcover, 20 pages, 8.5×11 inches: $500SORRY OUT OF PRINT AND OUT OF STOCK

"World of World" book, p. 5When I created “World of World: The Adventures of Malbec and Player” in 2009, I also made a limited edition artist’s book of the project. At 2×12-feet, that piece was so large I wanted a version that was more portable and that also favored reading over looking. The text in the piece was a crucial part of the project, but it’s the element that gets the least attention in an exhibition setting.

For the book, I wanted to keep the borderless look of the original, that sense of expansiveness and layering, so I took a very simple approach: I divided the piece into 16 roughly equal-sized sections, and each section became a full page in the book, reading from left to right. I had to make some adjustments along the way, mainly to ensure that the text areas didn’t get broken up, so the final book includes about nine-tenths of the original. Fragmenting the piece into book form gave it an explosive quality I hadn’t expected—the images really push the confines of their pages. And as I hoped, the text became a much more central and dominant element.

"World of World" book, p. 10"World of World", 2009 (book)I researched the then-current state of on-demand book printing and made some comparison tests to decide which service created the highest quality books. This edition is printed by Shutterfly, which has excellent printing quality and also gives artists an exceptional amount of control over the final book design (including such matters as whether the company’s logo appears—it does not in this edition). I have also found them very helpful to deal with and responsive to user questions.(I know my full-spread image is not very good, but I wanted to get something up at least temporarily until I can shoot it properly.)

More information about the entire project, as well as the print editions of “World of World”, is over on this page.

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