Noxiterra (small prints)

All of the above are 11 x 8.5″ open-edition digital prints on smooth matte-finish fine art paper, signed by the artist. These images would work well framed as pairs or groups of 4. Feel free to download these thumbnails so you can experiment with groupings.

For the Noxiterra project, I first created a series of large prints in each of which a montage of 9 webcam images recapitulates one of the original performances.

Now I’m also offering some of the webcam captures from those performances as the single-image prints shown here. These images, already highly artefactual due to the nature of webcam technology, have been further processed to place the images between digital photography and digital painting. They are vignettes of the Noxiterra landscapes, and although they look like traditional landscapes, in scale they are actually miniatures—most of these images encompass a field of view of no more than a foot or so.

For more about the Noxiterra project and the larger prints, see this page.

For my post about the process of making Noxiterra, see this post.