Ghost Gallery #7

Open-edition digital print on matte-finish fine-art paper, signed by the artist.

LARGE Ghost Gallery #7: 13×19″, $185
SMALL Ghost Gallery #7: 9×12″, $75

“Ghost Gallery #7” is part of an ongoing series of speculative photographs of gallery and museum spaces in which the exhibited art has been erased, leaving a few spectral traces and highlighting the gallery itself as the object of contemplation. The erasure process that I use creates the aura of a computer-generated architectural simulation, exposing yet another ghost: the ideal space that underlies the fetishization of the White Box.

Ghost Gallery #7  was included in the invitational exhibition “Professor Dialogues” at I-5 Gallery in Los Angeles in 2010. Here the erasures have been carried out in such a way that new elements arise, causing the image to shift into a terrain between photography and painting.